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At BWC, we strive to make the process of purchasing your dream Bengali wedding invitation card as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Whether you are in the bustling heart of Calcutta or reside outside the city, we have tailored two convenient methods for you to place your order.

Option 1

Personal Consultation at Our Showroom.

For our valued customers in and around Calcutta, we extend a warm invitation to visit our showroom located in the heart of Ballygunge. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of intricate designs and textures as you consult with our team of experts. Mr. Samit Saha, our dedicated consultant, will be there to assist you throughout the process. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, he will guide you in creating a personalized wedding invitation that captures the essence of your love story and aligns perfectly with your cultural traditions.

Option 2

Online Booking with Mr. Samit Saha.

For our esteemed customers residing outside Calcutta or beyond the borders of India, we offer a convenient online booking facility. Simply give us a call at 9836376226 to reach Mr. Samit Saha, our dedicated consultant. Through a detailed discussion over the phone, Mr. Saha will patiently understand your preferences, cultural nuances, and design requirements. He will walk you through our diverse range of designs and help you choose the elements that resonate with your vision. With the same level of care and attention to detail, we will create your bespoke wedding card and have it delivered to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world.


Your Gateway to Exquisite Bengali Wedding Cards

From Existing Designs
For those who fall in love with one of our existing designs, we strive to make the process swift and seamless. From the moment you book your order, it takes approximately 12-15 days for your custom-made wedding cards to grace your doorstep. Our team of skilled artisans and craftsmen work diligently to ensure that every detail is perfected, creating an invitation that reflects the beauty of Bengali traditions and your unique style.

From Original Ideas - A Tale of Craftsmanship
For our cherished customers seeking a personalized touch, our dedicated team is ready to bring your original ideas to life. We understand that creating something truly unique requires time and meticulous attention. From the date of booking your custom-made order, we allocate 20-25 days to meticulously craft your wedding invitation card. Every stroke of artistry, every selection of material, and every element of design is thoughtfully curated, ensuring that your card stands as an epitome of elegance and cultural richness.

Global Reach - A Promise Delivered
No matter where you reside, we extend our services worldwide. Our streamlined delivery process ensures that your wedding invitation card is securely packaged and reaches you in pristine condition. With reliable shipping partners, we guarantee a smooth and timely delivery experience, providing you with peace of mind and excitement as you await the arrival of your bespoke card.


Bringing Elegance to Your Doorstep... Anywhere

At BWC, we believe in providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for our valued customers, and that includes offering a range of convenient payment options. Your journey of acquiring your exquisite Bengali wedding invitation card should be filled with joy, and our flexible payment methods ensure just that.

Our Flexible Options include :
1. Cash Payment
2. Bank Transfer
3. UPI (unified Payments Interface)
4. Credit/Debit Card 

Hassle-Free Transactions for Your Convenience

To ensure that all our valued customers can experience the charm of our artistic creations, we encourage our customers to order a minimum of 100 wedding invitation cards.
However, we understand you may have special circumstances where you require a quantity below our Minimum Ordering Quantity. In such cases, we gladly accommodate your needs.

For orders below 100 nos., we offer a flexible option by charging an additional Rs.1500/- lump sum. This ensures that you can still enjoy the finesse of our designs, even for more intimate gatherings. 

Personalized for You, in Every Quantity

Rs.150.00 per unit

বিয়ের চিঠি- Yashodhara

• Type : Printed card and envelope

• Size of the card with envelope: 7.75" x 6.0"

• Material :  Ivory shade Imported textuted board in matt finish 




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